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Friday, April 1, 2011

Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 18 aka The Musical

Well its almost the best thing since sliced bread. I say almost because I did feel the whole idea was just so much more genius than the final product, making sliced bread better as it is always cut more perfectly than you could ever do with a knife.
Grey's Anatomy + Musical, well some unexpected combinations do go great together but I did feel that a musical was just asking for too much out of the actors and tone of Grey's anatomy.

If any of you have seen Scrubs: My Musical, you know it has nothing to do with it being a medical drama, but I blame it on the melodramatic theme of Grey's. Musicals should be uplifting and cheery, yeah that's not Grey's anatomy. It really should have focused on musical OR character development Not both. Or not try to relate every song that had featured in Grey's to a scene in this episode.

Honestly what I think was missing was dancing. Seriously what musical doesn't have dancing in some way or form?
On a good point the pretext of the musical was very well executed, they had a solid reason to be (perceived) as singing. However the song choice and placement was a little bit lacking. It seemed sometimes to be chucked in, and with the very similar tone in each song it got repetitive. All the slow placed numbers sucked the tension and excitement out of the episode unfortunately.

The verdict on the singing: Mainly it was Calley (Sara Ramirez) singing, second to Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Baily (Chandra Wilson) probably picked because they can sing well naturally. Other characters chimed in a points. Overall it wasn't Broadway talent, but in no way bad.

It seems like I'm picking out all the bad points, but it wasn't exactly bad only average really. Its more average because you can see all the potential that just could of been great.