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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Free Rant: July 30

Operation sexshiii

Object of my affections you shall soon be mine *aaing* I have a new very sexsshiii LBD that is going to wow you. You are going to take one look at me and just be wowed.
ok folks lets do this- K-drama styles!
This is the dress~
Cus if my k drama goes as planned you will soon be mine *aaaing*
Plan: Turn up to university ball looking head to toe sexy, and get drunk enough to make a move.
Is this a good plan? no. But the universe seems to be on my side recently, so I hoping that things will go my way.

That is all

Monday, July 25, 2011

First Impressions: Ouran High School Host Club

Japan I don't know if you have redeemed yourself or have fallen further~ BUT
I don't care...
This is the one thing you can't get from korean drama and that is absolute nonsensical  cuteness. It makes no sense but its a good thing I already love it <3
Its similar and different to the anime and manga, defiantly in a similar style to other manga adaptations such as Mei-Chan no Shitsuji and Absolute Boyfriend. But there are some pretty wacky [creepy] special effects...

I am so glad they finally made a drama out of this!

So so far I like it because it is fast paced and not to long (the episodes are only 30min) and cute and nonsense :: just entertaining with no emotional attachment required. I like my relationships with no strings~

Sigh Japan with your Fujioshi incestuousness...
And inappropriate shirt-less-ness...
not that i'm complaining

Free Rant: July 20-24

a collection of rants from the past week...

I feel like a creepy stalker. Sigh Facebook brings out the worst in me. There is a reason I keep my privacy settings to the max, I know what people do.
The internet is not a safe place.

There are also Bad/Creepy(questionable) Texters. I don't like texting (site previous rants) so when people want to have a full on conversation via text, it creeps me out. Long texts are scary. I'm always worried my texts are too long.

Still getting creepy long texts. Need to find a nice way to tell him to play it cool. Seriously play it cool. 20 character max. To all the guys out there, less is more. let me text first. Make it seem like you don't care. Channel your inner City Hunter/Lee Min Ho.

seems it never rains but pours. The universe is a mysterious thing.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Japan why? Hana Kimi (remake)

So of all drama's to remake you choose that one? WHY? Japan why can't you be more like the Koreans (south koreans I mean). They have there shit sorted drama wise. They remake your dramas so why you need to remake your own? (I've actually been hoping for a korean version of Hana Kimi). At least you could have chosen a drama thats actually old, and not say done in 2007.
and ok if it was you know like a Hana Kimi 2, with different characters but same basic story line of Girl stalks athlete dressed up as boy and makes guys gay for her. But na. same characters even down to the guy who reads your auras and the DOG... and I swear it is the same freakin set!

And the cast...

Nakastu and the Dog


 YEAH::... I don't even get the story line. But gotta love this...
so overall wtf Japan? I'm just gonna stick with my City Hunters for now

Saturday, July 16, 2011

First Impressions: Myung Wol The Spy

omg kawaii super cute! I need more~ So the premise was not what I was expecting, but what was I to expect? A North Korean spy and a Hallyu Star, well of course they are going to get married!?!
I don’t know why but I always fall for the characters that are super arrogant with the massive egos (site: Kim Joo Won, Dokko Jin….) and so I think Kang Woo is just soo *swoon* But he does have some Pil Joo like competition with Chai Ryu as a pretty strong contender (in the looks department also).
I really wonder if there is an anti hallyu department in North Korea and what they are going to think when they see this O_o
I also love Myung Wol’s character. She is very cool and badass but also naïve as well (mostly in the ways of luuuuuve). I can’t wait for her to fall in love with him, and you can already tell that she has left an impression on Kang Yuu J
I’m hoping it stays light because Best Love and BBF kinda dragged down during the middle. I would really like MGIAG cuteness all the way through, with the woman in charge kind of vibe (Myung Wol being a badass spy and all)^^
Hoping for the best as always

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Free Rant: July 10

So a really good point came up in the 7th episode of I Need Romance: Fight misery with misery i.e. shave off one off your eyebrows. The objective being to successfully distract yourself from your problems with the conundrum of having only one eyebrow. (time to get a fringe or man bangs!)
Or you could just watch some drama… but what ever floats your boat. (I bet shaving your eyebrows off would totally work though).
To continue this eyebrow rant: The guys I know have a thing where they can call 'eyebrows' on a person if the boast about something, e.g. David: I bet I can eat 5 hot dogs in 5 minutes Steve: eyebrows. In this situation David would then have to consume the 5 hot dogs in five minuets or his eyebrows are gonners. (thats University for you) However you can't call 'eyebrows' on someone until they have called it on someone else. Being a person of many false claims I know not to ever call eyebrows on anybody ever.

Don't you hate it late at night when you hear strange noises outside? Freaks me out. Things always get really spooky in the dark. Even my room gets scary, but i'm just scared of the dark in general.

Fuck i'm tired. Can't sleep. Been up for like 23 hours and only 4 hours sleep before that. tl;dr I know I  know *ramble ramble ramble* Lee Min Ho is soo Hot (just putting it out there) lol will have to probably come back and edit this in the morning.

Thats it

oh and FUCK OFFF MAC KEEPER gosh just let me watch my drama in peace

Monday, July 4, 2011

The year so far

Far out half a year has gone so fast. Seems only yesterday I was singing along to the awesomeness that is Dream High and swooning in My Princess. Its now July and due time I believe for the year of drama so far.

Dream High
My Princess
Queen of Reversals
49 Days
Baby Faced Beauty
Best love
Lie To Me
Romance Town
City Hunter
I Need Romance
Heart Strings

Hmm… can’t belive I’ve seen so many!

Best First Impression: Best love
Best Chemistry: Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye (Gi Joon and Ah Jung- LTM)
Best Kiss: Cola Kiss (Lie to me)
Best 2nd Male lead: Pil Joo (Yoon Kye Sang – Best Love)Be
Best Ending (of those that have ended): Dream High
Best Couple: Gu Ae Jung and Dokko Jin (Best Love)
Best Male Lead: Dokko Jin (Cha Seung Won- Best Love) AND Yoon Seung aka City Hunter (Lee Min Ho)
Best Female Lead: Kim Nana (City Hunter)
Best 2nd couple: Pil Suk and Jason (Dream High)
Best Leap Forward: Queen of Reversals

Best overall Drama (completed): Dream High
Best overall Drama (so far): City Hunter

Now for the list of shame…
Worst Ending: 49 Days
Worst Plot: Lie To Me
Most Boring: Queen of Reversals

Worst overall Drama: Lie To Me

I don’t have such a long shame list because I don’t watch anything bad and my Best of list was so long because it was fun.
Of ones that I have completed Dream High was definably the best. My Princess wasn’t that bad, but not exactly worth watching in comparison. Same for Queen of reversals, I have no idea how I got through like 30 episodes. I enjoyed Manny and Best Love. However Best Love started off really great being witty and funny, but did get very boring at the end. Baby Faced Beauty and Romance Town are still going well, but I have to catch up on those. Lie to Me was obviously biggest disappointment for its crazy plot and just plane waste of chemistry. Though I hated the ending, 49 Days was slightly better because at least having 49 days to gather tears in order to come back to life made more sense that LTM (also hottest grim reaper ever). So I love City Hunter, and I’m hoping that it continues to be so freakin’ awesome till the end. I Need Romance I’ve also been enjoying a lot! For the two episodes of Heart Strings I’ve watched seem still a little uncertain, but still enjoyable.

So yeah, that’s it.


Free Rant: July 3

I hate any technology do to with people you know in real life i.e. texting and Facebook. Now let me put down everything I hate about each in an ordered list:

1) Texting people above you i.e. bosses, teachers, older people. because how the hell are you suposed to respond  like what is the social etiquette to text your boss? its wierd. I always find myself sounding rude, and I don't think it's something I can harshen down with a smily face. Teachers are just plane *awkward* nuff said.
2)People sending you a bomb of a text message and then not replying. Seriously you can't just put all that out there and have me agonizing a few hours for your reply.
3)Iphone predictive. Stop making me look like an idiot
4)virtual boyfriend/girlfriend. Its not a relationship if the only interaction is text messaging, no matter how many they send you.
5)People getting angry when you don't reply. Sorry I was just like having a life.
6)Not wanting to send the last text or be the first to text.
7)Sending a text to the wrong person

omg I just don't care!
1)People who add you on facebook but will not acknowledge you in real life.
2)People will more than 100 friends. If you met them once at a party they are not your friend.
3)People uploading unflattering and/or drunk images of you. You can de-tag yourself but can't do anything else except ask them to take it down and being a douche
4)Facebook Stalking. Makes me feel like a creep
5)People posting about their lifes, what a good time they had, who they were with ect. I dont give a fuck.
6)Updating your relationship status. IDGAF
7)When you feel that it may be awkward to comment or like something of that particular person even or when random people actually do.
8)Other people's lives. IDGAF
9)Feeling excluded or are excluded from events ect. if not on facebook. Its called texting give it a go.

The most annoying thing about both is when people text for facebook things that they wouldn't send in real life. I wish people would stop fucking up my life by doing this to me. Knowing that you like me when your going out with my friend really is not helpful. It just fucks up my life.

sorry for the swearing

Saturday, July 2, 2011

So Far: City Hunter

Why so awesome? but killing me with your cliff hangers! for the second episode in a row we end with NaNa's life in danger. Episode 11 was the worst, because they totally went through the whole closed eyes body limp dying thing to make you think that she actually could die. I am so glad she didn't! because as interesting as that plot line would have been for City Hunter it would have made the series too dark. cus right now it has the perfect balance of action/drama/suspense/romance/comedy (formular for awesome drama), if NaNa was to die just think of all the agro and angst it would add to the all ready revenge plot drama. It would zap all the cuteness out of it. However the loss of NaNa would have send Yoon Seung over the edge into the darkness of his revenge. It would be really interesting for his character development, being a hero scared by the loss of the woman he loves (think James bond, casino royal, quantum of solace). It would be pretty deep stuff. 
But I love the cuteness, especially how Yoon Seung and NaNa (and ajusshi) are beginning to form a team. it so coooool! And there is just something so romantic about how she shot him and then took a bullet for him (they have matching bullet scars) in a sadistic sort of way. I also love how recently they have been showing more of NaNa's fighting skills because I like that she is almost on the same level as Yoon Seung. She's not the Louis Lane always needing to be rescued, she can take care of herself! 

I don't know how I will wait another week