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Monday, July 25, 2011

Free Rant: July 20-24

a collection of rants from the past week...

I feel like a creepy stalker. Sigh Facebook brings out the worst in me. There is a reason I keep my privacy settings to the max, I know what people do.
The internet is not a safe place.

There are also Bad/Creepy(questionable) Texters. I don't like texting (site previous rants) so when people want to have a full on conversation via text, it creeps me out. Long texts are scary. I'm always worried my texts are too long.

Still getting creepy long texts. Need to find a nice way to tell him to play it cool. Seriously play it cool. 20 character max. To all the guys out there, less is more. let me text first. Make it seem like you don't care. Channel your inner City Hunter/Lee Min Ho.

seems it never rains but pours. The universe is a mysterious thing.


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