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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First Impressions: I Need Romance

OMG I love cable drama. Rawr*
So I Need Romance premiered this week replacing Manny (which I still haven't had time to finish yet) true to its claims it is very sex-and-the-city esque, and the key word there being SEX.
Because we don't live in the nineteenth century anymore, unlike some drama's would like to think. (Its even worse with japanese drama, they still think babys are delivered by cranes)
so SEX. and romance. I was not expecting how sex-and-the-city open and forward about the whole thing they were going to be. But nah, the Samantha equivalent totally puts it all out there ^^

What is great is that each character has a different romance/sex/love life situation. The three main women friends are each on one corner of the triangle. There is; the woman who changes men very three months, the woman who has been in a 10 year relationship, and the woman who is a virgin bride. It sums up the reality with three extreme examples.

Its witty and fluffy, so far so good.

Final Note: Lie To Me

Diddn't watch it.
enough said.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Final Note: Best Love

I couldn't help but be bored after about episode 10. Sorry, but its either about the chase or hot kisses and there weren't enough of the latter to satisfy how dizzy going around in circles the first made me.
MGISG was a better Hong sisters drama. I think because I knew from episode 10 of BL how it was all going to end (of course he wasn't going to die), so it got really meh when they couldn't just get there shit together, also became a lot less cute.
When I think back also to You're Beautiful, I have an overall feeling about all Hong sisters drama, that it starts really well and just gets meh.
Sorry not hating, but just saying (but I watched all 16 so that gives me the right to hate If I wanna). Maybe its because I have been watching the super awesome action packed lee min hoTTTT City Hunter (it is just so awesome) Best Love became more dull in comparison.

Overall it comes down to the fact that I don't like the last episode(s) of drama. Probably because the chase is over and so I loose interest, unless the plot line is driven all the way up to the last 20min before we get a conclusion. Best Love was more like an epilogue episode, but it was done well and was cute, but could of had less hugging (seriously there was a lot of hugging in this series) and more RAWR^^
So:: Good series, fast and funny dialogue, does lack chemistry a bit (if only there was a way to combine Best Love with Lie To Me <and City Hunter>) but Cha Seung Won is awesome. So watch it, but watch City Hunter first

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I had no idea

But apparently there are a few k-pop songs copied from english artists...
yeah I was like oMG

Well I though F(x) 'hot summer' sounded familiar...

I new the song was from an english version instantly, but it took me a while to find where it came from. As I heard a cover and not from the initial artists 'Monrose' I initially heard it after receiving a CD from my astralian aunt who got it from a newspaper. It was a Cd featuring musci from the australian version of 'so you think you can dance' where it was covered by some guy. I initially thought the CD was rather lame, but now I wish i still had it.

.::Even Later::.
I knew it was more familiar then before, I found the video clip an remembered it also being on TV.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

So Far: Lie To Me

Dear Drama
I think we need to take a brake. I thought we really had something going, but now I realized I was just swept away by all your good looking-ness and swooning chemistry. Now I have to look at things realistically, I have 7G of broadband to last 4 people 10 days. I wish I didn't have to do this, but wishing isn't going to get me anywhere in real life. It certainly didn't help your crazy illogical plot. 
So goodbye drama, not for forever, but just intill my internet resets. 
Yes I did just brake up with a drama. 
Things have taken a turn for the worse. The lie gone and so has Ki Joon's balls, which was replaced with denial and my plans to murder the two supporting leads. Yes this is a threat. And then we see the reappearance of the lie, with what-do-you-know Ki Joon's man parts were with it all along. 

Manager Park is my favorite character right now. She is the voice of sanity in this kdrama gone haywire. She totally needs her own drama.
I think Ah Jung is doing fine, its Ki Joon thats messing this drama up. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Impressions: City Hunter

So City Hunter not so shitty after all...

I'm starting at episode 4 after reading the recaps because I never actually expected to like this drama. I don't usually go for anything other than rom-coms, but after reading episode 4 I decided to give it ago.
And its pretty freakin' awesome.
I'm actually not a big fan of Le Min Ho, but I was impressed because he did manage to portray a character complete different from in Personal Taste. I wasn't expecting that, but now I realize he's not just a pretty face.
What I think is most awesome is that Yoon Seung doesn't want to kill people for revenge. I think this just makes the drama really. He's bad ass and emotionally screwed, but has the best sense of justice. Underneath all that angst he is a good hearted guy. Its the kind of embodiment of a classic superhero and a clear comparison with Batman (He's somewhere in between George Clooney and Christen Bale).
The other great thing is that the love story isn't just on the side, it's fully incorporated into the plot of the drama, but it doesn't dominate either.

Can't wait for this week's episodes; bringing the total drama count to 5 ^^keke

Monday, June 6, 2011

Asuko March: Episode 2

(Secret) The lie that the host told to Kougyo's female student!? 

I didn't expect to enjoy this drama as much as I did in the second episode, but i was really impressed with it. So due to my insomnia I have decided to start recapping this series.

Nao has been at Asuko for a month now, but is still having trouble surviving in school designed for boys and the heavy manual labour. She talks to her teacher about transferring to Yokohama Erin High School, which is a normal high school for both girls and boys. However the requirements for transfere are high and she can't get by on the bulling claim alone. She must have good grades at her current school in order to do so. Nao has to up her game in practical training Asuko before she can change schools.
So Nao seeks out Tamaki in the classroom, currently lying on desks with a group of guys shirtless and trying to get their tan on. He mistakes her ask for help meaning that she finally wants to man up and enthusiastically offers to tutor her in the ways of industrial work before she can explain its because she wants to transfere.
In the workshop Tamaki refuse's to help her carry equipment  telling her she must man up now and Aruto kindly helps her out. They get all angsty with each other and Nao becomes the rope in a tug of war between the two when choosing partners. .  When other classmates tease Tamaki quickkly releases and Nao goes to ArutoOhh love triangle already?
Nao notices how Mokoto flirts around with all the guys. She just has to comment that she likes red and the next day all the guys turn up with red jumpers under there uniform. Unfortuanly Mokoto only has eyes for . Nao walks to the girls changing room to hear a scream and Makoto bursting out, uniform and hair all out of place. Everything looks bad when Aruto comes out of the changing room, however he doesn't seem to care at all.
Nao studies and fills out her transgere application, Takauchi sees her filling out the form and tells her he hopes she gets into the high school, but only because one less annoying person will be in Asuko.
Aruto gets hassled by the guys, still not caring at all so i'm guessing its not all as it seems. He comes home after working at a host club to see his mother in a psychotic state. Not all is well, when Aruto takes  his mother to the hospital it is revealed she suffers from some mental illness. Her symtoms having worsened she must now be committed.
At school where Aruto has not turned up, they recieve envelopes requiring the 5000 yen fee. Every one assumes since the workshop incident that Nao and Aruto are together and the teacher assigns her to give his one to him. She meets him to hand him the envelope and asks him about the incident with Mokoto. However he says that it doesn't matter as he will be leaving Asuko and that there was no need for her to come here.
Nao next talks to Makoto in the girls changing room to ask why Aruto was there with her. She says that he had offered to lend a 'Spitz' (japanese alt rock band) to her. Nao know from the conversation with Aruto yesterday that he doesn't actually listen to Japanese music. Nao doubts Aruto did actually attact her. Upon being called a lier, Makoto has a flash back to a previous school and freaks out.
In workshop Tamaki helps out Nao and gets other guys to aswell . aww you are so transparent
Nao turns up at Aruto's house saying that only Makoto 'momo chan' could have opened the changing room as only women have the key. We flash back to the scene where Aruto refuses Momo's advances and thus acts out faking the attack. He had denied the acusation so that Momo would not be branded as a lier. What a guy.
Aruto's mother comes out chasing him acting somewhat crazy/sane. Then absolutly paranoid after thinking Nao will take her son away from her. Aruto says that while he wanted to stay in high school to get a good job and pay for his mothers care, he has to quit to take care of her.
Nao walks into the classroom the next day, where it goes silent as she enters. She turns around to see her transfere forms taped to the blackboard. The boys aren't happy, when after they had helped her it was just so she could do well in practical training and transfer. Takeuchi outs her to everyone when she tries to deny it, after he said he wouldn't tell. Whats your deal boy?
Tamaki isn't so happy with the truth. Not to mention Aruto who walks in at that moment. With a plaster on his face after being beaten up by his host senpai, he tells her to get lost.
Nao works hard in the workshop but because her partner Aruto has been absent she has fallen behind. Tamaki sees that Nao is putting in extra time to finish, and he's just a bit impressed. Tamaki later sees Aruto at his hots job and beating around the bush he gets at if he's going to be working here and not coming to school then Nao should have another parnter. Aruto agrees saying that Tamaki should be her partner as he obviously likes her anyway. Way to umm NOT beat around the bush. Of course Tamaki denies this^^keke.
Nao gets her womanly pains at school but soldiers on at her work into the night. Its still no better the next day and she's having trouble concentrating but must finish her work. She's to afraid to say she has cramps to the guys because they will think she's using it as an excuse because she is a woman. She faints from pain, only to be picked up by Aruto. After waking up in the nurses office, she goes to the workshop to find Aruto working on their project. The end result a shiny piece of metal??
Momo has another go at attention seeking with her fake attack excuse, a Hirose goes to the work shop and initiates a fight. He manages to block a punch to his face (a host's greatest asset) but gets shoved down  his  school drop out letter letter falling out of his pocket. Hirose about to throw Nao's shiny metal is stopped by her, siting that she was't the only one who made it, the whole class helped her. Although she wanted to transfere after see how the guys work, it is the only time they are serious and hardworking.  Hirose leaves and Nao picking up the letter to return to Aruto is told that he no longer needs it. Aruto is going to stay~
Everything ends well and Nao is starting to like Asuko, but staying here for 3 years is a different story.

Comments, thoughts and musings:
As far as the budding love triangle goes, i'm already on team Tamaki. I wonder if its going to be unrequited love on his side? I would love if he likes Nao before she likes him, i'm guessing she will end up with Tamaki and not Aruto.
I forgot how hard recapping is *sigh* there is a lot of content in this and just the smallest thing becomes significant later on, lol aww well.
The obvious is happening, slowly though Nao initially hated it, she is beginning to like this school. I really felt for her when she had her period. Its kinda hard when you are the only girl.
And although I haven't given him a mention, Nao also has an awesome chief Grandfather who is just lols.

Sorry no screen caps because I watched on iphone. and CBF


So Far: Best Love

So it's after finishing episode 10 that I realize how personally invested I am in this drama.
I am beyond saving.
Yes I made this because I have no life. 
And i'm also worried as going by the Hong Sisters trend this is were you hit a rough patch. The thing is they go through this whole story and the characters only get back together at the last episode, if that. I really hope they don't do what they did in MGIAG (and 49 days) and leave the whole will she won't she die thing to the last 10 minutes and then have a deus ex machina ending. I know that can't happen in this drama as it is not fantasy, but I really don't want them to leave the will he won't he die till the last episode (even though I know he won't). I really like to see characters established after they finally get together i.e they do end up living happily ever after. This was done best in Personal taste, where you see the proposal and even though it was fan service, the married life of Yoon Hee and Sun Joon was very cute.

My heart aches for Pil Joo, Se Ri just ins't good enough for a consolation prize. I hope she does change though. 
As for Dokko Jin, if he dies I swear I will never watch another hong sisters drama again (after 49 days I just don't know anymore...) It breaks my heart for how he is in a way accepting his fate. At first I didn’t like how badly Dokko Jin beat up the manager, and putting his carear in jeopardy for a stupid reason, but then I understood why he did it, because if he might die he might as well give the manager all he deserves for what he did to Ae Jung. If his career is going to end when he dies anyway, DK has got nothing to lose when he defends Ae Jung's honor.

I feel that Hong sisters drama are always better for dialogue because there are a lot of things I would love to see but they just don't include: 
-Ae Jung singing again and working on her new album, there must be other things in her life than Pil Joo and Dokko Jin
-I would have liked to see more of the couple making competition, and dates especially with the other celebrity women. 
-More of a back story between Se Ri and Dokko Jin, they must of liked each other at some point?

Like right now interms of plot I prefer Romance Town and Baby Faced Beauty just a bit more, but overall  Best love's way above and Dokko Jin for the win!

So three weeks to go! Drama *fighting*keke

Saturday, June 4, 2011

First Impressions: Asuko March

So this is like the first Japanese drama I have watched in like ages~ The premise seemed really good to me, so i've given it a try^^ Its thumbs up so far.

Its based on a manga about a teenage girl Nao Yoshino, who makes the fatal error in her high school entrance exam of missing out one question (meaning all her answers are shifted up one) and is unable to go to the high school of her choice. She ends up in Asuko prefecture technical high school and is the only girl in her class, out of the two in the whole school.
So this is the most testosterone fueled boisterous high school ever. Basically the last place a girl would want to be~

Its hard to explain the difference between J and K drama. I defiantly prefer the K variety because they seem to be more realistic in the way people interact and of life in general society (i.e. yes people do have sex, J drama likes to deny this fact of life), although plots in K-drama-land are filled with clich├ęd romance such as drunken piggyback rides, wrist grabbing and fantasy deus-ex-machina endings (and sometimes toilet humor). J drama is set in a more idealized world where 'I like you' skips all the way to 'lets get married' with out any verbal communication or expressions of affection shared in between. J drama is a lot more censored than K drama meaning you have to wait all the way to the end for the second of skinship peck of a kiss (or even just a hug).
J and K dramas really each have a genre of there own, being as different as horror and comedy really.

I can never get into J drama the way I do to K drama, which has me completely absorbed, emotionally invested and even talking (sometimes yelling) back. With Jdorama I am just along for the ride.

BUT the one thing I do like about J drama is that it is 45min and one episode a week and 10-12 episodes tops, compared to 16-20+ episodes, 1 hour twice a week of K drama. Sometimes less is more.

So if you're in to J drama or want to give it a try, watch this one~

My j-drama top ones that I like

1)Buzzer beat
2)Hotaru-no-hikari 1 and 2
3) Hana Kimi
4)Atashinchi no danshi
5)Love shuffle
6) Atsu-hime
7)Proposal Daisakusen
9)Hana yori dango 1 and 2
10)Mei chan no Shitsuji
11) Mr Brain
12)Absolute Boyfriend
13)Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

I've filtered through and listed all the good ones just for you ^^keke