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Thursday, March 31, 2011

RED VS BLUE season 9!

Is coming soon! if you haven't seen the trailer yet watch is here
I can't wait!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

First Impressions: 49 days

I was so desperately hoping that this drama would be good, since the end of Dream High and My Princess my dosage of Korean Rom-com had been greatly missed in the past week. Now 49 days has started replacing forensic drama Sign on SBS for Wednesdays and Thursdays.
The preface had been already released along with heaps of stills to promote this drama. Though it looked exciting, I was reserved in my expectations.

The story of the drama is this: Shin Ji-Hyun  (Nam Gyuri ) a woman who seems to have a perfect life, about to have the perfect wedding to her *perfect* fiancée suddenly is in a car crash and ends up in a coma. She is placed in limbo land between the living and the afterlife  as a ghost of sorts and where she meets the grim reaper or * scheduler* (who likes to get perms and ride motorcycles *swoon*) (Jung Il Woo). He instructs her that in order to live again she must find three people that truly love her and collect her tears in  the time limit of *spoiler not* 49 days. Sound easy, but unfortunately family members are not included.

On the other side of this equation is the woman who's body Ji-Hyun possess to find said tears, Song Yi-Kyung. This woman is alive but appears to be dead metaphorically on the inside by the way she lifelessly goes through the motions of daily life.

Then there is the not so best friend of Ji Hyun and the third point in the love triangle/ who's Hyung is Ji-Hyuns Fiancée. 

As the preface is very openly set up I don't think this drama will be one with many surprise plot twists. Rather I think its main momentum will be from the way that the characters and events are all tied together some how, the most important being Ji Hyun and Yi-kyun. Also that nothing happens without a reason. These will give rules to this fantasy drama which will work well to give it some grounding otherwise all logic goes out the window.

 My guess is the main development in this drama will be how Ji Hyun and Yi-Kyung physically and metaphorically bring each other back to life through this body possessing experience, and that Ji Hyuns perfect life will turn out to be very not perfect after all. It's just what seems obvious.

So trying to find three people who truly love you in 49 days, while in someone else's body? I don't think I could. I think we will be left on a cliff of dramatic tension wondering will she find the last person in time, but it will also lead to some hopefully funny and heartwarming instances.

My thoughts from the first two episodes is that I am already totally in to it. I love Li Yo Won from Queen Seon Duk, and already I can see she is very good at playing two characters. ( It was a lot more convincing than Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won in Secret garden). & OMG reaper boy you can take me to heaven (or hell) any day, but can you take me for a ride on your motorcycle first?? I hope that we see a lot of him, what would be awesome is that if he was also connected to the characters more than just being the Scheduler....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why you should watch : Propose Kyodai

This four episode miniseries condenses that 12 episode will they- won't they oh so pure and innocent chase into one episode for each main character. Which is great because as much as I love Japanese drama it does take them a while to get to that ending kiss (or some cases even not).

Its total escapism, but don't expect much in the form of skinship. Its very pure and censored romance like 'I'm going to ask you to marry before I've even kissed you'

DON'T let that deter you, it's very Japanesey cute and each story is unique.

I really enjoyed how it made an ordinary proposal that some one may make somewhere in the world everyday into an extraordinary  love story ~

So give it a go! I recommend to watch it, only 4 episodes ~

Dr Champ: Finishing Note

So I marathon-ed the 16 episode Dr Champ and it was light, fluffy and so much fun to watch.

Not as emotionally heavy as like Secret Garden, but defiantly more put together than My Princess. A medical-Judo drama was not something I would expect, but it worked well in creating a unique story line. I learnt some stuff about Judo too.

It was enjoyable but not perfect. In some places I did find it lacking such as a few loose ends and not fully concluding some plot lines. AND I did find the supporting romance a bit of  a drag...

BUT Yeon Woo and Ji Heon where very good together. I expecially like Ji heon... even when I was originally rooting for Do Wook, I found my self very quickly warming to Ji Heon.

There were also great bromance moments and guys with no shirts on. Look a photo with both...

So the final verdict is good. I recommend you watch it for something entertaining and light~

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dr. Champ First Impressions

Ok, so how did I miss this? 
martial arts + medical drama, this is my new crack. 

Wah! I love all the characters. Kim So Yun as Kim Yeon Woo, I saw her latter drama prosecutor princess and I immediatly like her in this. I don't know who Jung Gyu Woon is, but he is pretty cute~ (+ nice abs ) 

and then they introduce Uhm Tae Woong. 
I'm seriously wondering if they stole Lee Do Wook's character from House. A pill popping (vitamin) doctor with a cane? they could probably get away with it because I bet I'm the only one who has seen both. lol 

I think this drama went a little under the radar at the time, I was probably watching Secret Garden while this was airing. 

So from the next episode preview i gather the luuuuve triangle (square, pentagon, hexagon) is going to start (and something about a condom lol) after this episode's set up, can't wait. 

I have a feeling I will be rooting for the wrong guy again *sigh* 

Korean Movies

The ending of Dream High and My Princess left an empty slot in my daily drama viewing time slot. Both were replaced with series that didn't really capture my interest, Crime Squad and Royal Family. Both seem to be a bit on the heavy side and not so much Rom-Com (though I might check Crime Squad out).
Anyways the past week have left me checking out some Korean movies instead...

so first was Seducing Mr. Perfect: it wasn't what i was expecting, half the dialogue is English by Daniel Henney and the rest of the cast speaking Korean. Somehow they all understand each other? It was very typical Rom-Com esque but very funny in some parts. Entertaining but the ending was a bit meh, and it introduced extra plot themes at the end and beginning that didn't really connect together. Still I liked Henney's accent a lot. (there is something about Korean men speaking english with their american accents *swoon*)

Hello Schoolgirl was incredibly cute and heart lifting. The plot was light as it followed two examples of large age differences in love (an older woman, and older man), but well tied together. It swept me along this heartwarming story. It was very much enjoyed.

Kiss Me, Kill Me was a crazy, cute, brilliant love story of a darker more disturbed kind. I loved how unconventional and different it was. The characters defiantly not the typical Hero and woman in distress, but two people who are both very dark and in a twisted way find love.I love this movie~

Cyrano Agency constantly had me jumping and guessing who would end up with who. It was nice how you couldn't really predict to the last moment how it was going to end. It made me wish that I could have the picture perfect love story ending just once in my life too. I enjoyed seeing Uhm Tae Woong out of sageuk garb (reference Queen Seon Deok), and the ending was totally cute too. 

I can't wait for up coming drama 49 days, I will be getting my hopes up.