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Thursday, May 26, 2011

First Impressions: May Madness

First Impressions: May Madness

Due to the start of four new dramas I will not be doing this individually

1)   Baby-Faced Beauty
So after the first episode I didn’t think I would continue with this one but a few weeks later I watched the rest and realized that this is pretty good stuff~
I think sometimes in drama the simplest things don’t get enough credit. Having a solid base, good actors and a plausible non-confusing plot  does a drama a lot of good. I can’t say BBF is exactly like that, but it does well and I like it even though the plot doesn’t completely grab me, but deffinatly watch it!

2)   Lie To Me
So I really love this fake marriage story line, I kinda have this fake marriage then fall in love fantasy *don’t ask* (the guy being also handsome and rich) so I’m all over this.
But I’m not taking it too seriously because it does have a few plot flaws, BUT I’m sure as it catches up to live shooting it will get better (please please please) because the actors are very good so I would hate to see this be a flop.

Oh yeah and also this…

And it is in capitals because I love this drama so so very much. DOKKO JIN is just so cool, but you already know that. Though I do wish the plot would include more of the dating show story line because I love Pil Joo who is so aloof and cute. Ahhh I can’t decide~
But yeah the Hong sisters never disappoint^^

4)   Romance Town
So I love Jun Gyu Woon from Dr Champ, and he makes a reasonable chaebol (but he was so much cooler doing judo takedowns) . I can  also understand more why the name was changed to ‘romance town’ from ‘maids’, because there is a lot of romance or scandal…
But the whole money story line is putting me off because I just want her to get her money but there is a lot of fussing about.
But all is well that ends well I guess^^keke

49 days: Finishing Note

What I could have done with those 20 hours?

So 49 days finished this week and I’m still upset about it. I was so surprised after reading other peoples comments that they actually though it was really good… and it wasn’t that it was bad, it was just to put it dramatically, heart braking.

Note: spoilers

I felt that this drama could have been easily concluded on the sixteenth episode, it was really dragged out a little to long, and then just went haywire.
The best thing about romantic drama is that you always know what is going to happen, but you just don’t know how. Maybe being so surprised is why I have such conflict with this episode. All I know is that she was supposed to find three tears and almost not make it, then come back to life and get together with Han Kang *insert dramatic tension here* and live HAPPILY EVER AFTER!
But this is what really happened: she is about to die, two tears appear, she wakes up and remembers everything, Yi Kung turns out to be her sister, then she dies ( Ji hun that is).

So I want a refund on my life for those 20 hours.

However… the story line with Yi Soo and Yi King concluded extremely well. Their day spent together was so bitter sweet to watch and their parting so heart aching… Yi Soo tells Yi Kung to forget about him and be happy and farewells with a final kiss goodbye *cry*
I knew they weren’t going to be together and they weren’t which was good (do you see a pattern here?).

So all in all in can’t deny it is a good drama, but yeah nah I like happy endings.

* can I just say I was so right about Yi Soo being connected to Yi Kung ha 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Return of the sparkly track suit that just wouldn't die...

Oh Kim Joo Won, many liked you, few hated you, and I? well I fell completely in love with your fictional neurotic arrogant hotness, but now I must forsake you for another. Who, you ask, is the man who could possibly replace you in my heart? He is no other but DOKKO JIN! 

Best love, the new Hoong Sisters Drama, have you seen it yet? well it has only been two episodes and I know it is too early to say *touch wood* but I absolutely love this drama! Dokko Jin played by Cha Seung-won in particular. He is just like Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin, secret garden) only bad ass, which just makes him soooo much cooler. I am so glad the hong sisters changed the concept of his character from a younger actor to an older one after plagiarism accusations, because Cha Seung-won is just soooooo perfect for this role. 

This drama is so amazingly filled with meta references, half of which I don't get. Also the Hollywood references, I was in stitches after seeing Dokko Jin trying to learn English from Steven Colbert off the Colbert Report ('your watching the news?' lol). Not to mention (even though I am) the director Peter Jason and Ninja assault ... (Peter Jackson [go NZ!] and Ninja Assassin). 

Omo and the sparkly tracksuit makes a return....

The track suit makes a reappearance!
What also is fantastic is Gong Hyo-jin  as Go Ae-jung. Omo I love her character and she is portrayed so well! She is such a well meaning person, (but not a push over which I love) that keeps getting bad press. I have a feeling there may be Joo Won-ish stalking as Dokko Jin becomes slowly obsessed with her! I think i like Ae-jung better than Ra Im from secret garden, because at times I found her character lacking a back bone and not doing much at all...

so drama please I beg you, be good to me and don't dash all my hopes and expectations I have so trustingly placed onto you!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Drought Has Ended

Its just proof that when it rains it pours. After a long time with the only trendy drama '49 Days' to keep me entertained a new abundance of Rom-Coms are being aired.

Most recently is 'Manny' a cable drama on tvN. Now into its 7 episode this week, I started sceptical but now am fully hooked. Even though I know exactly how this is going to end, I can't help but enjoy the light fluffy cuteness this drama brings to my week. I think that is what makes it so great. There is no dramatic storyline or plot driving this drama then say in 49 Days, but it is just funny and heartwarming as it gradually progresses.

I am deeply stuck into 49 days now. It has just 6 episodes left, but i feel like it is too long when it could really be wrapped up in just two. I totally love the scheduler <3 but more so the careful way the plot has come together connecting the two main characters. The soul on her 49 day journey and the person who's body she is possessing. But i wouldn't expect anything less, this is k-drama after all.

Starting this week is Baby-Faced Beauty, with Jang Nara ( who is famed for her youthful appearance in real life) and Daniel Choi (who i love for his dorky cuteness) . The plot is about a youthful 'baby faced' looking woman who gets employed for her youthful looks but fired when her real age is revealed. And then of course the love triangle and second leads. Here's a look at the trailer.
 Next starting this week is one I am super dooper way to excited for, the latest Hong sisters drama 'Best Love'. In a nut shell:  its about an actress who is no so popular trying to relaunch her career, a very popular actor who isn't so nice when the cameras are off and how they get paired off in a fictional fake celebrity marriage show (think 'we got married') and you can guess the rest. It has Gong Hyo Jin as Goo Ae Jung and Cha Seung Won as Dokko Jin (who I think is just so bad ass and cool for this role). It also has Yoo In na (secret garden) as the second female lead. 
Yes super excited! 

And they just keep coming! Next week to challenge Baby Faced Beauty will be another fake marriage romcom 'Lie To Me' with  Kang Ji-hwan and Yoon Eun-hye. 

A Few weeks later is City Hunter. Being more cop based and dramatic I don't know if I will watch it, but it has Lee Min Ho, so maybe I will... 

So yeah its all very exiting...