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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Free Rant: July 10

So a really good point came up in the 7th episode of I Need Romance: Fight misery with misery i.e. shave off one off your eyebrows. The objective being to successfully distract yourself from your problems with the conundrum of having only one eyebrow. (time to get a fringe or man bangs!)
Or you could just watch some drama… but what ever floats your boat. (I bet shaving your eyebrows off would totally work though).
To continue this eyebrow rant: The guys I know have a thing where they can call 'eyebrows' on a person if the boast about something, e.g. David: I bet I can eat 5 hot dogs in 5 minutes Steve: eyebrows. In this situation David would then have to consume the 5 hot dogs in five minuets or his eyebrows are gonners. (thats University for you) However you can't call 'eyebrows' on someone until they have called it on someone else. Being a person of many false claims I know not to ever call eyebrows on anybody ever.

Don't you hate it late at night when you hear strange noises outside? Freaks me out. Things always get really spooky in the dark. Even my room gets scary, but i'm just scared of the dark in general.

Fuck i'm tired. Can't sleep. Been up for like 23 hours and only 4 hours sleep before that. tl;dr I know I  know *ramble ramble ramble* Lee Min Ho is soo Hot (just putting it out there) lol will have to probably come back and edit this in the morning.

Thats it

oh and FUCK OFFF MAC KEEPER gosh just let me watch my drama in peace

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