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Monday, July 4, 2011

The year so far

Far out half a year has gone so fast. Seems only yesterday I was singing along to the awesomeness that is Dream High and swooning in My Princess. Its now July and due time I believe for the year of drama so far.

Dream High
My Princess
Queen of Reversals
49 Days
Baby Faced Beauty
Best love
Lie To Me
Romance Town
City Hunter
I Need Romance
Heart Strings

Hmm… can’t belive I’ve seen so many!

Best First Impression: Best love
Best Chemistry: Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye (Gi Joon and Ah Jung- LTM)
Best Kiss: Cola Kiss (Lie to me)
Best 2nd Male lead: Pil Joo (Yoon Kye Sang – Best Love)Be
Best Ending (of those that have ended): Dream High
Best Couple: Gu Ae Jung and Dokko Jin (Best Love)
Best Male Lead: Dokko Jin (Cha Seung Won- Best Love) AND Yoon Seung aka City Hunter (Lee Min Ho)
Best Female Lead: Kim Nana (City Hunter)
Best 2nd couple: Pil Suk and Jason (Dream High)
Best Leap Forward: Queen of Reversals

Best overall Drama (completed): Dream High
Best overall Drama (so far): City Hunter

Now for the list of shame…
Worst Ending: 49 Days
Worst Plot: Lie To Me
Most Boring: Queen of Reversals

Worst overall Drama: Lie To Me

I don’t have such a long shame list because I don’t watch anything bad and my Best of list was so long because it was fun.
Of ones that I have completed Dream High was definably the best. My Princess wasn’t that bad, but not exactly worth watching in comparison. Same for Queen of reversals, I have no idea how I got through like 30 episodes. I enjoyed Manny and Best Love. However Best Love started off really great being witty and funny, but did get very boring at the end. Baby Faced Beauty and Romance Town are still going well, but I have to catch up on those. Lie to Me was obviously biggest disappointment for its crazy plot and just plane waste of chemistry. Though I hated the ending, 49 Days was slightly better because at least having 49 days to gather tears in order to come back to life made more sense that LTM (also hottest grim reaper ever). So I love City Hunter, and I’m hoping that it continues to be so freakin’ awesome till the end. I Need Romance I’ve also been enjoying a lot! For the two episodes of Heart Strings I’ve watched seem still a little uncertain, but still enjoyable.

So yeah, that’s it.


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