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Monday, July 4, 2011

Free Rant: July 3

I hate any technology do to with people you know in real life i.e. texting and Facebook. Now let me put down everything I hate about each in an ordered list:

1) Texting people above you i.e. bosses, teachers, older people. because how the hell are you suposed to respond  like what is the social etiquette to text your boss? its wierd. I always find myself sounding rude, and I don't think it's something I can harshen down with a smily face. Teachers are just plane *awkward* nuff said.
2)People sending you a bomb of a text message and then not replying. Seriously you can't just put all that out there and have me agonizing a few hours for your reply.
3)Iphone predictive. Stop making me look like an idiot
4)virtual boyfriend/girlfriend. Its not a relationship if the only interaction is text messaging, no matter how many they send you.
5)People getting angry when you don't reply. Sorry I was just like having a life.
6)Not wanting to send the last text or be the first to text.
7)Sending a text to the wrong person

omg I just don't care!
1)People who add you on facebook but will not acknowledge you in real life.
2)People will more than 100 friends. If you met them once at a party they are not your friend.
3)People uploading unflattering and/or drunk images of you. You can de-tag yourself but can't do anything else except ask them to take it down and being a douche
4)Facebook Stalking. Makes me feel like a creep
5)People posting about their lifes, what a good time they had, who they were with ect. I dont give a fuck.
6)Updating your relationship status. IDGAF
7)When you feel that it may be awkward to comment or like something of that particular person even or when random people actually do.
8)Other people's lives. IDGAF
9)Feeling excluded or are excluded from events ect. if not on facebook. Its called texting give it a go.

The most annoying thing about both is when people text for facebook things that they wouldn't send in real life. I wish people would stop fucking up my life by doing this to me. Knowing that you like me when your going out with my friend really is not helpful. It just fucks up my life.

sorry for the swearing

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