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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Japan why? Hana Kimi (remake)

So of all drama's to remake you choose that one? WHY? Japan why can't you be more like the Koreans (south koreans I mean). They have there shit sorted drama wise. They remake your dramas so why you need to remake your own? (I've actually been hoping for a korean version of Hana Kimi). At least you could have chosen a drama thats actually old, and not say done in 2007.
and ok if it was you know like a Hana Kimi 2, with different characters but same basic story line of Girl stalks athlete dressed up as boy and makes guys gay for her. But na. same characters even down to the guy who reads your auras and the DOG... and I swear it is the same freakin set!

And the cast...

Nakastu and the Dog


 YEAH::... I don't even get the story line. But gotta love this...
so overall wtf Japan? I'm just gonna stick with my City Hunters for now


  1. Sigh. I don't know what to say about this drama. I was this way when I first heard of the news as well. I didn't see the relevance of making a Japanese remake...of a drama already in Japanese. Not to mention it's barely old. There's really nothing different about this drama compared to the original. It's pretty much the same cast, background music, events, and actors. When I say actors, I mean they try to act like the originals. But for some reason I'm going to finish the drama.

  2. ha yeah good on ya for trying to finish it. honestly i dont think i have the patients for it~