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Saturday, July 2, 2011

So Far: City Hunter

Why so awesome? but killing me with your cliff hangers! for the second episode in a row we end with NaNa's life in danger. Episode 11 was the worst, because they totally went through the whole closed eyes body limp dying thing to make you think that she actually could die. I am so glad she didn't! because as interesting as that plot line would have been for City Hunter it would have made the series too dark. cus right now it has the perfect balance of action/drama/suspense/romance/comedy (formular for awesome drama), if NaNa was to die just think of all the agro and angst it would add to the all ready revenge plot drama. It would zap all the cuteness out of it. However the loss of NaNa would have send Yoon Seung over the edge into the darkness of his revenge. It would be really interesting for his character development, being a hero scared by the loss of the woman he loves (think James bond, casino royal, quantum of solace). It would be pretty deep stuff. 
But I love the cuteness, especially how Yoon Seung and NaNa (and ajusshi) are beginning to form a team. it so coooool! And there is just something so romantic about how she shot him and then took a bullet for him (they have matching bullet scars) in a sadistic sort of way. I also love how recently they have been showing more of NaNa's fighting skills because I like that she is almost on the same level as Yoon Seung. She's not the Louis Lane always needing to be rescued, she can take care of herself! 

I don't know how I will wait another week

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